Article Figures

What will get you more citations of your research paper?

Exactly, figures and schemes that speak for themselves.

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Cover Art

You can submit cover art to many peer reviewed magazines nowadays.

This is a unique opportunity to put your research in the spotlight.

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Graphical abstracts

Graphical abstracts are great!

But many scientists don’t have artistic skills and the task becomes daunting.

Not anymore!


People get inspired by beauty.

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Tell us your idea or your story and we will brainstorm together to achieve something exceptional

How Does It Work?

You explain and send us your super duper project in detail
In less than 24 hours we will get back to you with a price offer
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It's a pleasure to work with Luk & Idoya, they're absolutely a winning team if you're looking for beautiful illustrations- both artistic and scientifically correct. One of their advantage is that they keep improving and refining thier designs until they perfectly fit our needs. We'll definitely continue to work with them and we predict a bright future for somersault:1824

Eva Sammels - Gentle - Belgium

I really appreciate the fact that Idoya & Luk are both scientists and artists. You'll see it when you look at their work (including the cover image they made for me): Beautiful art that is both creative and scientifically sound!

Alexander Suh - University of Munster - Germany

Working with Idoya and Luk from somersault18:24 was a real pleasure. Because they are scientists themselves, they immediately understood our needs. Up to now, I haven't met anyone else with this level of service and knowledge in life sciences illustrations. If you are looking for decent illustrations, you have found them.

Joris Gansemans - VIB - Belgium