Hi ,

We are Luk & Idoya, the people behind somersault18:24.

We love science

We love illustrations and drawings

We love photography

We love animation


We also realize that there is a big gap between the artistic, visual arts and science.

That’s why we started this ambitious journey and ever since, we are eager to bridge this gap as much as we can.

We produce high quality scientific illustrations, scientific images and animations with 3D modeling software, computer graphics and photography.

We both have a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. We are experienced in helping scientists and teachers to prepare easy-to-follow yet professional scientific illustrations.

We love to work in close collaboration with our clients to accomplish high-end images and animation in the most efficient way.

Our main expertise lays in molecular biology, cell biology, cancer, developmental biology and other basic biomedical disciplines. We generate declarative scientific art or more artistic impressions of various themes such as apoptosis, drug delivery, signaling pathways, etc. However, we are very open to go beyond this.

For all your questions or more information about a project you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer your question with care and with the highest priority.

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Idoya Lahortiga

Idoya Lahortiga

Ex-research scientist & creative jack of all trades

Luk Cox

Luk Cox

3D artist & illustrator, ex-research scientist

Idoya Lahortiga, PhD | Luk Cox, PhD
Grote Markt 33, 3290 Diest, Belgium
BE 0633.606.473